The Quantum Clothing group of companies manufacture, design and source product from within the U.K. and internationally. We firmly believe that in doing so we are applying the highest ethical standards for human rights, labour and environmental practices. We understand that our manufacturing units should not stand apart from the country in which they operate and that their activities and conduct should be a source of positive influence. As a supplier we recognise that, by treating our employees with respect and allowing them to operate in working conditions that are clean and safe with a fair days wage, this makes a difference in increasing productivity, reducing risk and improving quality. In turn this will also lead to increased customer confidence. Being socially compliant only delivers these benefits if done effectively so a monitoring program, with country law as a minimum standard, is in operation with improvement programs geared towards compliance with the E.T.I. base code..


Quantum Clothing’s policy is to offer its customers high standards of quality in all of its products and services. Given the global nature of our business we recognise the need to ensure that this pursuit of excellence is understood by all our employees and that we offer a level of product and service quality that equals or exceeds customers’ expectations.
By working with our customer base, and understanding their key requirements, we create measures against which our performance is continually measured.
Developing our employees and involving them with our suppliers when quality issues arise has helped us build a committed workforce that helps assure continued trust and confidence in our service levels within our customer base.



The Quantum Clothing Group Ltd. recognises that environmental issues are important to a successful and responsible business strategy. For this reason we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations wherever and whenever possible.

Practices in place include;

*Ensuring operations comply with the existing legislation of the countries in which we operate.
*Dealing with all environmental issues either at, or as close to, their source as is practically possible.
*Minimising the use of resources and the creation of waste wherever possible and practical.
*Re-cycle and re-using materials wherever possible.
*Communicating environmental policy and best practices to all employees for implementation.
*Conduct audits on of all our owned sites and carry out improvements where deemed necessary.
*Reviewing the environmental policy annually or when circumstances dictate otherwise.

Quantum is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality clothing and apparel